Plastic - Technical

Technical plastic / Construction plastic - A joint designation for materials made of thermoplastic

In the early 1960s, Astrup launched its own plastics department, which was tasked with looking for materials that could replace the more traditional materials. Astrup's experiences over the past 50 years regarding the use of plastic in industry have made us one of the leaders in Norway when it comes to technical plastic.

Plastic is becoming steadily more popular in the mechanical engineering sector, as designers see the benefits and the financial gains.  In future, the task for designers will be to continue to find the optimum material for the application in question, at the same time as keeping the cost of the product as low as possible. Many machine components that were made exclusively from metal just ten years ago are now made of technical plastic. The most important advantages compared to metals are weight reduction, wear resistance, good vibration absorption and the fact that plastic is easier to machine. Technical plastic also delivers good chemical resistance and thermal stability, along with the improved potential for recycling.

We always stock a very large selection of plastic semi-finished products, such as sheets, bands, films, bolts and hollow bars. We also cut sheets and bolts according to the customer's wishes.

Use us – we have more than 50 years' experience of Norwegian industry!

PEHD 1000_1286x850


Low specific gravity, low friction, good impact resistance, good chemical resistance, can be weld...

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Impact-resistant, self-extinguishing, UV-resistant, flexible, good value for money. Good resistan...

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