• PEHD 1000_1286x850
  • PEHD 300_Playtec_1276x850

PEHD – Polyethylene (PE300, PE500-HMW, PE1000-UHMW, low friction)
Good weather resistance, high impact strength (even at low temperatures), low weight, good chemical resistance and very low water absorption. Good value for money. Available in several grades. High molecular weight and ultra-high molecular weight that give the material extremely low friction, as well as improved mechanical and thermal properties.

PP – Polypropylene
Closely related to PE, but is more rigid and more temperature-resistant. Has extremely good fatigue strength in the event of repeated bending strains. Extremely good chemical resistance, particularly against salt, acids and alkalis. Easy to machine. Impact strength in cold conditions is slightly poorer than PE.

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