Metal façades

  • Metallfasade_1276x850
  • AluColour_fasade01_1276x850
  • AluColour_fasade02_1276x850
  • AluColour_fasade03_1276x850
  • Rimex_Tjuvholmen_1276x850
  • Kunnskapssenteret_StOlav_1276x850_1
  • Referanse_NINA_1276x850_1
  • Referanse_NINA_1276x850_2
  • Referanse_NINA_1276x850_4
  • Referanse_Kunnskapssenteret_StOlav_1276x850_1
  • Referanse_Kunnskapssenteret_StOlav_1276x850_2
  • Referanse_Kunnskapssenteret_StOlav_1276x850_3
  • Metallfasader_Huseby_1_1276x850
  • Metallfasader_Huseby_2_1276x850

Façades play a significant role in both visual expression and form, and provide any building with a clear signature. In order to create a lasting, sustainable architecture, the quality of the materials in the façades must be in keeping with the aesthetics and expression they are communicating.

Astrup supplies façade materials in durable metals with a high surface quality and finish, which can be designed and formed in line with the wishes of architects and tinsmiths. At Astrup we refer to these as state of the art façade materials for lasting architecture!

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