• Plast hvit bolt og plate PA og POM 1276x850
  • Plast Sort Pom 1276x850
  • Plast POM Sustarin C Natural Emnerør 1276x850

PA – Polyamide (Nylon, Sustamid, ertalon)
Good mechanical properties, toughness and wear resistance, good damping capacity, low friction coefficient. Can be supplied with various additives, such as oil and MOS2. Can be form moulded.

POM – Polyoxymethylene (Sustarin C, Delrin, Ertacetal)
Easy to machine, good form stability, good mechanical strength, low moisture absorption and good load-bearing properties. Also ideal for use in parts that require a little tolerance.

PET – Polyethylene terephthalate  (Sustadur, Ertalyte)
Especially suited for mechanical parts that require a high level of precision. The material is extremely wear-resistant and has a low friction coefficient, as well as low moisture absorption.

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