Ship equipment

  • 20Tonns vinsj
  • Kabelankervinsj
  • Propell 1276x850
  • Propell 2_1276x850
  • Propell 3_1276x850
  • 50Tm offshorekran
  • Propell 4_1276x850

In equipment for ships, Norwegian industry is at the very top of the world. Shipbuilding has a long tradition in Norway, especially in the construction of small boats and ships for activities in the fishing and oil industry.

Astrup AS has the materials for the production of ship equipment: Plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, special steel and other metals for e.g. propellers, shafts, bearings, cranes, winches and tanks.

With ever-increasing requirements for equipment, combined with new material technology, increased requirements for classification and certification of the materials, Astrup AS will be the leading player in materials for ship equipment also in the future.

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