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1857 - On 6 August, the current company Astrup & Søn is established under the name Astrup & Smith, and in the newspaper Morgenbladet it can be seen that the company was founded as a manufacturing business in ''Hr.Lindboes Gaard ved Torvet''.

1862 - The partners Astrup & Smith part company and Astrup continues alone in the same sector under the company name Harald Astrup.

1865 - Astrup gives up the manufacturing business and continues with a new partner, Daniel Hansen, in the company Daniel Hansen & Astrup. They run an agency and wholesale business, and the products are divided into two groups: On the one side consumables such as coffee, granulated sugar, cube sugar, salt, peas, cheese, wine and Cognac, faience, etc. The other product line, with customers comprising shipbuilders, craftsmen and industry that was beginning to develop, covers almost everything made from steel and metal, including sheets, rods, bolts, pipes and fittings, chains, anchors, wires and sheathing metal, as well as other products such as canvas, compasses, fenders, lifebuoys and machine belts.

1868 - Daniel Hansen leaves the company and the business is called Harald Astrup again. The business concentrates on supplies to the shipbuilding industry and other industry.

1877 - Harald Astrup purchases the property Dronningensgt. 8A, which becomes the company's home for many years. The old three-storey building was demolished and replaced with a modern office block in 1959. The property is still owned by the company.

1887 - The company is called Astrup & Smith A/S again, and its area of operations is expanded to also cover lubricating oils, machine gaskets, insulation products, cotton waste, steel hawsers, Dick's balata belts and a range of other goods that come under the heading of ''machine equipment for steam ships, the railway and industry''.

1890s - The company begins selling metals on a larger scale for direct delivery from metalworks – copper ingots, tin, brass, zinc sheets, etc. Norway's use of metal is growing.

1906 - Harald Astrup's son, Sigurd Astrup, joins the company management as a co-owner, and the company changes its name to Astrup & Søn, a name it still retains to this day.

1914 - Sigurd Astrup takes over as sole owner. He quickly saw the need to build up a metal business with its own warehouse, and this was established by the time of the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

1926 - Sigurd Astrup initiates the establishment of Porsgrund Metalverk A/S, founded on the remains of the 10-year-old A/S Norsk Metalverk, which had gone bankrupt in 1925. For many years, Astrup & Søn A/S was the sole representative in Norway for this works, gradually taking over nearly 100% of the shares. The business was sold to AB Svenska Metallverken in 1966.

1949 - Harald Astrup, who had started working in the company in 1926, takes over as Manager of the operation. Under his leadership, the business develops into a pure wholesale company for metals, and all products related to ship equipment are weeded out. New products are gradually introduced in the field of plastic semi-finished goods in parallel with metals.

1959-1961 - New office building at Dronningensgate 8 and a large new warehouse in the Alnabru district are erected.

1961 - Fourth generation Sigurd Astrup starts working in the company.

1971 - Sigurd Astrup takes over as Managing Director***.

1980 - Astrup & Søn AS takes over the Bergen company P. Eriksen AS in order to establish a bridgehead in Western Norway. In addition to metals and a little plastic, the most important products were steel pipes, shaft steel, tools and fastenings.

1982 - Astrup & Søn AS celebrates its 125th Jubilee.

1983 - The company gathers in new, modern office and warehouse premises in Rommen, northern Oslo. Sheets and long goods are stored in an entirely new, more automated manner.

1990 - The warehouse building is extended, with the entire facility now comprising 11,000 m2 of warehouse and 2,800 m2 of offices.

1995 - Astrup & Søn is awarded quality certification according to NS-ISO 9001-1995.

1997 - Astrup & Søn reaches the age of 140, and simultaneously published a jubilee book: "En 140 årig handelsbedrift sett i et historisk perspektiv" ("A 140-year-old trading operation viewed from a historical perspective"). Sigurd H. Astrup steps down as Managing Director and takes up the position of CEO of the parent company, Astrup Metall AS.

1998 - Astrup & Søn AS and P. Eriksen AS come together under a new, joint company logo.

2000 - Merger between Astrup & Søn AS and P. Eriksen AS.  At the same time, the operating company changes its name to Astrup AS. The parent company takes the name Astrup & Søn AS.

2001 - Astrup AS is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001-2000, based on process-oriented management.

2002 - Astrup & Søn AS reaches the age of 145 on 6 August.

2002 - On 1 September, the 5th generation, Harald S. Astrup, takes over as Managing Director.

2004 - Astrup Maskin AS Industrivarehus established in Stanseveien, Oslo.

2006 - Harald S. Astrup takes over as owner of Astrup & Søn AS.

2007 - This autumn, Astrup AS can celebrate 150 years, making it one of Norway's oldest family-owned businesses. Astrup Maskin AS is incorporated, becoming a department of Astrup AS under the name Astrup Tools, Oslo.

2007 - An entirely new processing centre for plastic materials is established at Rommen in Oslo.

2009 - Construction and establishment of new Tools business in Mongstad

2011 - Astrup starts work on the building of a new super-warehouse! The new automated warehouse is 90 metres long and 25 metres wide, holds 2,000 pallets for long goods and has 1,250 spaces for sheets.

2012 - Astrup celebrates its 155th jubilee in a traditional manner.

2012 - The new automated warehouse is inaugurated, with  automatic and careful picking of long goods and sheets

2012 - Astrup establishes Astrup E-Commerce, where customers can purchase our entire stocked range from our online shop.

2014 - Astrup AS acquires Sotra Industrivare AS, which becomes a new industrial goods shop.

2014 - Astrup AS Metals & Plastic gains formal ISO approval.

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