Organisasjonskart Astrup AS

CEO of Astrup AS
Managing Director John Børge Halvorsen

Board of Directors of Astrup AS

  • Sigurd H. Astrup, Chairman
  • Lawyer Jens I. Kobro
  • Director Gjermund Undseth
  • President / CEO Harald S. Astrup

Sigurd H. Astrup is also Chairman of Astrup & Søn AS and Ametco Eiendom AS.

Sales/Marketing Director
Thomas Engen, responsible for the Sales and Marketing departments, Metals & Plastic

Logistics/IT Director
Sven Erik Bredde, responsible for warehouse operation, transport, purchasing and IT

Quality Manager
David Berge Frogner, responsible for planning and monitoring Astrup's quality system 

ICT/Information Manager
Knut Myklebust, responsible for information services/ICT 

Sourcing and Finance
Walther Jørgen Hilsen, also responsible for various operating agreements 

HR Manager
Maiken Wethe, HR/Personnel

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