PC kanalplater 1276x850

PC is a thermoplastic that delivers very high impact strength and temperature resistance. PC is available as semi-finished products in the form of transparent sheets, film, multi-walled sheets and  corrugated sheets, as well as transparent blocks, pipes, bolts and profiles. Translucent and coloured versions are also available. Its processing properties are good, and the material is able to be welded, bonded, hot formed and in part cold cracked.

PC sheets are also supplied with a two-sided, hard outer layer for better scratch-resistance and solvent-resistance (LEXAN Margard MR5E/MRX), with a two-sided extra UV-resistant outer layer (LEXAN Exell D), with an extra flame-retardant additive (LEXAN FR/F2000/F2500), and with a one-sided matt surface and extra UV-resistance (LEXAN SG-305).

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