Dr. Nick Barron, Röchling Engineering Plastics

Dr. Nick Barron_Röchling

Dr. Nick Barron UK/Europe wide materials consult for Röchling Engineering Plastics, producers of approximately 200 different material grades. Application of in-depth chemical experience to aid in the identification of suitable thermoset/thermoplastic alternatives for applications ranging for the everyday to the cutting edge. Providing technical expertise across more than 150 different thermoplastics and glass-fibre reinforced thermoset materials to aid the transition away from "traditional" materials, highlighting the benefits, such as cost, abrasion and environmental resistance that plastics can bring. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Chemistry From University of Bristol .


Cerium oxide nanoparticle-mediated self-assembly of hybrid supramolecular hydrogels

Interproton distance determinations by NOE – surprising accuracy and precision in a rigid organic molecule

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